Angelika Nimbach or "AnQi" as for which she is known in China, Born under the sign of Virgo, she has a true artistic talent and trying to implement them in any form of life, while she loves the challenge and impossible things and make her dreams come true.

She was born in Augsburg and is of half German / Hungarian Blood.
Her passion for dancing, especially salsa but also to many other sports,

such as Swimming, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, extreme sports, stunt and more became a big Part of her daily Life.

Arts & Philosophy

But her second great love "WUSHU - the Chinese martial art" led her into the „Middle Kingdom“, CHINA, to learn more about martial arts, acrobatics, artistic works, the culture and philosophy of the country and be inspired.

The open and warm hospitality of the Chinese people and many local friends in China opened its second Home and several TV appearances on Chinese television were broadcast nationwide, she was already well known there "on Stage and on TV“.

Blood of Life

For the Time being, she has found the way "of her Heart" to all items, arts and passions to connect and also to struggle with her profession, ...
She has worked not only as a self-employed in media & photo design, promotion,
Event show management, but also she has been very active as a versatile "artist".

She is often with various show and music groups on tour, continuing its arts. Also in films, TV, on Stage as an actress, but also as a fighter, stunt and stunt rider in show fights, and action scenes in the film, or as a stunt double for actors.

She also works in the security field and also serves as a personal coach for fighters, athletes managers and actors.

However, it is especially children, animals and nature which is very close to my heart. Therefore, She supports and enjoys projects that promote these areas for a better future.

Path & Purpose

It is also her goal to establish a greater bridge between Germany and China in order to find a way to combine the different cultures and arts even better.

Though her way up to this point was not easy because often stones were put in the way and she mostly had to beat them alone, but she has never lost her heart to the arts and it has become a very important part of her live.

She has been found to be a versatile artist and athlete who also received help and support from many friends, to form her unique combination of fighting skills, the arts and humanities.


2016  AnQi Nimbach